It’s that time of year again! Summertime at the Disneyland Resort!

This means big crowds, long lines and heat waves. But that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your day in the parks! One of these magical places to escape the crowds is the Cove Bar, right on the water of Paradise Pier.

Unfortunately Friday was the only time we could go this week so we packed up and headed straight to Anaheim! The Mickey and Friends parking structure was already full so we were redirected through Downtown Disney. Then behind California Adventure and then across Harbor Blvd…It took us about an hour just to park which was a little unsettling haha. Oh and did I mention it was Grad Night too??


disneyland california adventure


One hour and 12 minutes later, we finally made it to California Adventure! While my friend waited for beers, I stood in line for the Cove Bar. The wait was much better with an icy cold beer in my hand, but it still took over an hour to get seated in the bar.

When they finally took us to our table, we were STOKED to see that it was right on the water and in the back away from everyone. This was definitely the best seating I’ve ever had here and we were able to watch the sun set over the ferris wheel. It was magical!


disneyland california adventure


After eating our weight in lobster nachos and margaritas, we decided to walk around the parks a bit. It was already 9 pm and the people were gearing up for World of Color. We weren’t able to find any rides with a 30 minute or less wait, so we decided to head back to the car. Luckily, it took MUCH less time to walk back than it did to get in.

Overall, we probably waited in lines for about 75% of the time we were there 🙁 Summer crowds are crazy! If you plan on visiting Disneyland soon, I recommend going during the week for at least one day. This way you save all the rides with long lines for when the crowds are back at work and school!


disneyland california adventure


And don’t forget to stay hydrated! You are allowed to bring water into the park so save yourself the $4.50 and BYOW 😉 The new Disneyland app is also super helpful for checking wait times, entertainment schedules and character meet and greats! And it’s totally free WOOH!

I want to see your Disneyland adventures! Tag me on Insta @mmaaddzz and tell me how YOU beat the summer crowds in the comments below 😀



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