Hello again friends!

My finals are officially over today and I am done interning which means I have the next six weeks to do nothing but explore and post – YAY! I’m so excited to finally be able to just relax and sleep in and upload pictures.

I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver and so far, I’m in love!! The back LED screen is incredibly helpful to scope my pictures immediately after taking them. IĀ decided to head down to Victoria Beach in Laguna last night to test out the GoPro’s night settings. The sunset was incredible and I was even able to capture an amazing time lapse while I was there! Here’s the video below šŸ™‚

I had the time lapse setting on for pretty much the whole hour and a half we were at Victoria Beach.Ā All that andĀ it only came out to a quick 7 second video! The tide was also unusually high so there wereĀ moments when the waves would splash and shoot almost fifteen feet into the air! The beach was practically empty since it was a little chilly and it’s the middle of December. Check out the couple of pictures below that I took before setting up my time lapse šŸ™‚

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Sorry for the quick little update, but I wanted to give you guys something for being so patient while I finished up my finals. There will be many more pictures to follow of my Winter Break adventures!


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