laguna beachLaguna Beach. It has everything — clear blue water, tide pools, hiking, starfish, caves and hidden beaches. I recently ventured down to Laguna for a day trip before the spring semester of classes started. I’ve tried to get to Victoria Beach before, but was never able to actually find the hidden beach. You’ve probably seen pictures of its rocky, natural pool and old lighthouse on the sand.

Unfortunately, high tide was at 9 a.m. today and the pool had just emptied. The tide pools were also not yet low enough to find the usual clusters of starfish and other sea critters. The water was in the low 60s, but we dove in with my underwater camera to capture some sweet shots anyways.

While the rest of the country is experiencing a ‘polar vortex’, California has pretty much avoided any winter weather. Even in the middle of January, I was able to have an 80 degree beach day AND go swimming. Just another reason California is awesome!

While had to hike over some rocks to get to Victoria Beach, it was totally worth it. We were pretty secluded for most of the day, except for some people taking photos of the lighthouse. The tide didn’t go down much, but we still managed to find a few starfish!

starfish in laguna beach

For anyone who has never been to Laguna, I highly recommend it. All of my favorite beaches are here and the water is always beautifully clear. Parking is a little complicated, but you can almost always find a spot on PCH. And tide pools are everywhere!

We ended up taking over 100 pictures in just the 3 hours we were there…whoops! Here are just a few from our Laguna Beach adventure at Victoria. Enjoy! 🙂


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